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Neighbors Helping Neighbors
  Please call between 9:00AM and 5:00PM only 
Meetings every 4th Monday at 4:00PM in the Card Room

Transport (therapy, medical, dental & eye only): Joan O'Brien 216-7582; David Unverfehrt 618-204-9399
Transportation is provide for appointments in Ocala only. A donation is required to cover the cost of fuel, this cost is $10 west of I-75 and $20 east of I-75. 24-hour minimum reservation required.

Minor Home Repair: Jim Connelly 237-7782; John DerBoghossian 914-456-6744
Minor repairs such as, but not limited to, leaking faucets, some toilet malfunctions, changing of defective light bulbs, replacing batteries in smoke alarms, sprinkler programing, replacement of sprinkler heads, and numerous other minor repairs. When replacement parts are required it is the home owner’s responsibility to obtain parts.

Call-A-Day: Viola Connelly 237-7782
This service is a call to a resident on a daily schedule. This service is mainly for folks that are living alone. We like a second party we can contact in case you do not answer the call. We will investigate if there is no response.

DVD/VHS/TV: David Connelly 237-7782; Bob Kenlay 704-964-3608
No repair that requires opening of the devices are covered. We will assist in the installation and setup of the device including programming of the remote. We will assist in connecting DVD or VHS player, audio Amp and Sound systems. We will assist in selection of replacement equipment and/or selection of repair vendor.

Computers: David Connelly 237-7782; Bob Kenlay 704-964-3608
We will help with the installation, download, and setup of new programs. We will give guidance on setting passwords and ID's. We check functions of equipment. We will assists in data transfers and virus elimination. Guidance on program start is also offered.

Problems with Alcohol: Thommy Ilmrud 291-1951
If you think you might have problems with alcohol, you get into trouble every time you drink, or you have to control your drinks, you should get help before you get a DUI, which is very expensive in Florida. Call for help. Trouble with drugs? Call for help.

I also have meeting info for AA, NA, Al-Anon and others. All calls are confidential. Nobody else will know about the call. Also remember, there is NEVER any charge for anything. If you think you might have a problem or have already gotten into trouble and you are ready to stay out of jail, prison, mental hospital or end up six feet below ground, maybe I can help. Your choice.

To volunteer your services call President ~ David Unverfehrt, 618-204-9399.
Your skills will be greatly appreciated by your Oak Run neighbors.
Treasurer ~ Pat Ghertler 237-2558     Secretary ~ Joan O'Brien, 216-7582