Terms of Use
The Classified Ads page provides a place for Oak Run residents to advertise for sale purchased items they no longer need, services they can provide and homes for rent. Non-residents can also place an ad to rent a home in Oak Run. By submitting an ad to the website you confirm that you have read and understand the Terms of Use, shown HERE, and the How to Use: FAQ shown below.

How to Use FAQ
1. Who can place an ad? Any Oak Run resident (owner or renter, no businesses). Proof of residency will be verified with the Oak Run phone book and new resident sales info when your request is received. You will be contacted by email if we cannot verify your residency. Want To Rent ads can be placed by non-residents.

2. How do I place an ad? Ads are placed by using the "Classified Ad Request" online form. You must provide all required info or your ad will not submit. Failure to follow all guidelines will result in your ad being delayed or rejected. Be sure the email you provide is one that you monitor often because we will use it if there is a problem with your ad. We never call you and will not accept calls from you. All communication must be digitally archived and phone calls will not archive.

3. How much does it cost to place an ad? Not a thing! Ads are always free on this website.

4. How many ads can I have? There's a limit of 6 ads per homesite and one item per ad.

5. How large can my ad be? The text of your ad is limited to a maximum of 30 words. We reserve the right to edit and/or reduce your text to match our format requirements. Ads submitted in ALL CAPS will be rejected.

6. Can I put an email in my ad? For privacy protection we display only your phone number, no names, street addresses, emails or websites are allowed in any ad.

7. Can I put a photo in my ad? All ads are text only, no photos are accepted.

8. Can I place a person to person ad? No. "Personal" ads are not accepted. Home sharing (Rental) ads are not accepted.

9. Can I place an ad seeking donations for a good cause? No. "Solicitation" ads are not accepted.

10. Can I buy or sell a home using an ad here? No. Home sales are handled by Real Estate agencies not by this website.

11. Can I advertise my timeshare or outside rental property? No. Only Oak Run home rentals are allowed on this website.

12. What is the minimum length of time on rental property? The covenants and restrictions requires a minimum 3 month lease for all Oak Run home rentals.

13. How long does it take for my ad to be displayed or removed? Ads are usually published or removed within 5 working days. Occasionally Google is slow to send us your form data. Please be patient. Monitor your submitted email in case there is a problem with your ad

14. How long will my ad be displayed? Most ads will display for 60 days then automatically delete. If your item sells before 60 days please submit a "Remove Classified Ad" online form to prevent unwanted phone calls. Want To Rent ads expire in 90 days. Homes For Rent and Service ads expire in 180 days.

15. Can I renew or change my ad? To renew your ad you must submit a new request form before your ad expires, but, no sooner than 5 days before expiration. To change an existing ad submit a new request form being sure to put "change:" before the new ad text. You cannot make changes to an existing ad by phone. All communication must be digitally archived and phone calls will not archive.

16. How do I remove my ad? Ads are automatically removed after 60, 90 or 180 days depending on type (see 14 above). To remove your ad early you must submit a "Remove Classified Ad" online form.

We reserve the right to reject any ad without notice or reason.